Heirloom Farms is a family-owned and family-run farmstead, established in 2017. We are located in Manchester, Iowa.

We are a family of 5 – Chris, Kelli, Ian, Adam, and Bo – who loves farm life, and we try to raise our food organically as much as possible.

As of 2018, our current mushroom operation includes a 600 square foot growing barn, which can yield hundreds of pounds of various mushrooms per month.

We have plans to expand our mushroom operation in 2019 to approximately 2500 square feet of growing space, and growing our business into the bordering states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

As of June 2018, you can find our mushrooms for sale at Hy-Vee stores in Cedar Rapids, IA. You may also buy directly from us. Please call 319.432.2284 if interested.

We also raise a variety of chickens and Pekin ducks, with eggs of varying sizes and colors.

Our chicken eggs come in various shades of brown and blue, and can be purchased directly at the farm in the Little White Barn for $2.00/dozen.

Pekin Duck eggs are much larger than chicken eggs and have a variety of unique health benefits. Often times, people with egg allergies can eat duck eggs with absolutely no problems. You can buy them directly at the farm in the Little White Barn for $4.00/dozen.