Our Mushrooms

Heirloom Farm IA Mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms have a variety of health benefits and add an earthy, unique flavor to dishes. Grocery stores, restaurants, and home chefs alike will enjoy Heirloom Farms mushrooms, grown locally Manchester, IA.

As of 2018, our current mushroom operation includes a 600 square foot growing barn, which can yield hundreds of pounds of various mushrooms per month.

We have plans to expand our mushroom operation in 2019 to approximately 2500 square feet of growing space, and growing our business into the bordering states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

As of June 2018, you can find our mushrooms for sale at Hy-Vee stores in Cedar Rapids, IA. You may also buy directly from us.

If you are interested in samples, or would like to get on our delivery schedule, please call 319.432.2284 for more info.


Heirloom Farm IA Mushrooms
These are some of the Warm Blue Oyster Mushrooms grown locally at Heirloom Farms in Manchester, IA.